Ice-Cream Bike


Whether you are looking for something to occupy the guests after the ceremony whilst you are busy having your photo taken, to welcome them to the reception or as an alternative to pudding, the ice-cream bike ticks all the boxes; something to eat, something to do, and it looks the part too. We use award-winning, locally-made ice-cream and it’s served it up in real waffle cones. One or two of our happy, vintage style crew will be there to set up and man the bike.

Flavours range from the classics to the gourmet.  Depending on where you are there may or may not be a delivery charge.  The bike can even be dressed up to suit your occasion.  As well as parties and weddings we are also available for public events and village fetes.

Here is all the info you need: PETAL AND FEAST ice cream bike hire sussex.